Vettels disregard for team orders

New blog, gonna start off with the controversy of the malaysian gp on sunday

disregarded a direct team order which puts him on rough ground even tho red bull will never lose him or suspend him as suggested by the FIA, it has left the team uncertain on what the reaction from mark webber will be as it has happened before, like in 2010 when they crashed into each other and went out on similar circumstances and they were going to win the race either way, but they were just fighting. So next time if a team order is given whats to say webber will also disregard it and use this example as an excuse. Theyre wondering whether it is now impossible to keep them in the same team as the jealousy of vettel being treated as no. 1 driver all the time is getting to webber
The same thing happened with lewis and nico rosberg in the mercedes behind the redbulls but nico stuck to the team order as both the cars were critical on fuel and so lewis was also awkward on the podium because nico deserved third.
Pity about alonso on the first lap touch to vettel tho coz he could hav won,

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